- Elewa for Africa -

Across various African countries, dedicated people and farmers have come together to form networks. Their mission is to produce high-quality oils, a native treasure, either through cultivation or wild harvesting and to engage in Fair Trade. As a result, essential jobs are created especially in regions struck with high unemployment rates. Women in particular benefit from these networks since the work on the farms is primarily accomplished by them. Fair Trade enables them to earn an appropriate wage. Many of these women are the sole source of steady income for their families or simply seek additional income to further improve their family’s quality of life. Both small and medium-sized farms are supported and strengthened by these networks. Long-term, this leads to stable business relationships and consistent earnings, which in turn minimizes and prevents poverty. Social structures ultimately strengthen. 

Africa lives through the work and commitment of women.
An African quote states:
If you raise a boy, you will create a man.
If you raise a girl, you will create an entire people. 

The project Jojoba for Namibia Trust “aims at supporting women in rural, dry desert areas within Namibia to build up their own Jojoba plantation. With workshops and knowledge transfer, they assure that the new farmers gain all needed skills to make their story a success” (namibdesertjojoba.com). 


ELEWA® has partnered with Jojoba for Namibia Trust by supporting the Namarula harvest and training centers located in the northern parts of the country. 


Namibia is the origin of all premium oils used by ELEWA® to create its unique products. Of each product sold, 50 cents will be contributed to the Jojoba for Namibia Trust.


“Africa is truly dear to my heart. The love I have for Africa emerged suddenly and unexpectedly a few years ago during one of my travels there. It touched my heart and quickly expanded. I am really happy about the partnership with Namibia and looking forward to an exciting future.” - Karoline Smit 


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