Milli – Mami & Baby Skin Care Set 2oz each incl. 2 towels, luffa and handmade key chain



The oils are known for their ability to nourish and protect your skin to keep its natural beauty. All of them have brilliant moisturizing effects because they are high in essential fatty acids and vitamins, like Omega3 and Omega6, vitamin A, E and C.

Ximenia oil:

Passed down Generations, African Mothers belief in this oil and it´s benefits, when applied onto the skin. Ximenia oil has nutritional and moisturizing values. This rich oil can help to protect your Baby´s skin from diaper rash. Just apply a couple of drops or blend the oil with your favorite baby skin care product. For beautiful and smooth skin.

Kalahari Melon Oil Blend:

The Kalahari Melon and Baobab Oil Blend is a rich skin care oil for face, neck, décolleté and body. It`s composition makes it a nice oil for young mothers to use after pregnancy. The Baobab oil, contained in this blend, is known for its ability to restore damaged tissue and works on cell level. Kalahari melon seed oil keeps your skin well moisturized, nourished and protected. Apply a couple of drops and gently massage in.

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2 oz, X2